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Sweet Spot Desserts you Deserve

At Sweet Spot, we’re fanatical about ensuring we deliver the highest quality desserts for our customers, whilst our business model is driven by the philosophy that the dessert shouldn’t cost more than the meal. This, coupled with our family friendly, casual branch décor, ensures that Sweet Spot is accessible to a wide target audience through an affordable menu and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

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The coffee shop chain, which specialises in serving undeniably delicious desserts, has joined the Point Franchise network.

Sweet Spot first opened in 2018 in Coventry. Since then, the coffee shop franchise has grown, and there are now six Sweet Spot locations open across the UK. Created by two individuals with a love of desserts and a passion for building a desserts-on-the-go business, the franchise’s delicious menu of sweet treats is fresh, tasty and innovative, appealing to a wide range of British customers (especially those with a sweet tooth!).

If you become a Sweet Spot franchisee, you’ll run your franchise location in a small town with plenty of demand, but less competition and lower rental prices. You’ll need to invest a minimum initial amount of £50,000 with Sweet Spot, along with franchise fees of £15,000 and a total investment cost of £90,000. In year one, if you commit yourself, you could earn around £80,000. In year two, this figure could jump to £350,000, and in year three, your revenue could reach £500,000.

In return for an investment with Sweet Spot, you’ll receive a wide range of training and support. You’ll receive help to locate the perfect franchise unit and fit it out, you’ll be supported with contract negotiations, and you’ll be supplied with approved equipment (which is also installed for you). You’ll then follow a comprehensive training programme, and your key staff members will also be fully trained. Once you’re up and running, you’ll have access to ongoing support and guidance as and when it’s needed.

Sweet Spot self-describes as a brand that aims to “provide a nationwide quality service to customers, with an emphasis on personal service and professionalism”. Find out more via Sweet Spot’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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