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Subway has shared how fans of the Easter treat can make a giant version for themselves at home.

Easter might have passed, but we bet you’d still be tempted by a footlong chocolate and orange hot cross bun, right? If that sounds like your idea of heaven, Subway has posted a recipe showing how fans of the seasonal treat can make a huge Easter treat in the comfort of their own homes to share (or not).

The recipe looks easy to follow, even if you’re not an experienced baker, and begins as a standard bread mix. But, by adding plenty of cinnamon, orange zest and indulgent chunks of milk chocolate, the super-size Easter treat turns into something irresistible.

Subway shared the trick to getting the signature cross on your buns, and it couldn’t be simpler – all you’ll need is white flower and a tablespoon of water. Pop the mix into a piping bag and decorate your freshly risen buns, before letting them turn golden in the oven. When done, the sandwich franchise advises brushing your treats with warm apricot jam or golden syrup to finish off.

If tensions are rising in your household, these enormous treats are likely to be just the thing you need to bring everyone together. And if you’re alone, there’s nobody around to judge you as you scoff the whole tasty bun yourself. Subway encourages toasting it, covering with plenty of butter and pairing with a nice cup of tea.

Subway has more than 43,000 locations across the globe serving up its wide variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads and cookies in over 110 countries. If you’d like to learn more about joining this ever-expanding franchise, view its client page to find out everything you need to know about becoming a Subway franchisee.

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