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29/12/2018 16:00 | Gym, Sport & Beauty

Snap Fitness has teamed up with country superstar Tim McGraw to launch a new line of fitness clubs.

Snap Fitness has announced that its partnership with country music star Tim McGraw is finally complete and that he will soon launch his own TRUMAV branded fitness clubs through the Snap Fitness brand.

McGraws TRUMAV Fitness brand will open its first branch in January in The Gulch area of Nashville, and the singer hopes to open more clubs across the state. The partnership with the gym franchise was announced initially in August 2017, but its taken McGraw and Snap Fitness time to develop how his branches would reflect his values and approach to fitness.

Explaining why he decided to partner with Snap Fitness to open his own signature brand of fitness clubs, McGraw said:

Physical fitness is something I value it can help you live your best life. Working out becomes a habit when its an easy part of everyday life, and thats why Im partnering with Snap Fitness. These gyms will help folks who are short on time find their fit. Theyre encouraging communities that support people who are working toward their own fitness goals.

He added that fitness has always been important to him and decided it was a world hed love to do business in.

When I really got serious about fitness, I thought it would be a cool world to be in. The biggest impact I could have was with people who already knew what they were doing. Snap shared the same passions that I had, and the space that they had and the way that they handled their space was something that was really appealing to me."

Each club will be fully equipped with a wide range of fitness equipment for solo workouts, but members will also be able to take part in one of TRUMAVs intense fitness classes. Beginners can attend a TRUFIT class, which focuses on torching calories and increasing fitness and once theyre deemed ready, theyll be able to take the advanced TRUPOWER HIIT class.


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