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Signs Express has put together a list of its 12 tips for keeping your fresh van sign in tip-top condition.

The sign franchise knows that, if you’ve paid good money to have its quality graphics installed on your van, you’ll want to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible. So, it’s put together the ultimate guide to keeping your van signage in great condition for ages.

Tip number one? Avoid washing your van for at least three days after the installation. Signs Express advises that washing too soon won’t allow the adhesive to properly set, and your sign could begin peeling or lifting far earlier than it should.

When it is time to clean, you should hand-wash your vehicle, tackling small stains as soon as you can with a sponge and water, or use a jet washer on the lowest pressure. You should also try to squeegee off excess water marks to stop them ruining your design.

If you’re opting for anything other than vinyl van graphics, you’ll also need to be careful when putting fuel in, as it can stain the signs. Luckily, Signs Express laminates all of its signs, so you won’t have to worry about this problem.

Other tips include not using wax on matte graphics, cleaning and removing magnetic graphics at least every two days and making sure you clean and polish the area before getting a magnetic sign applied.

But the most important tip the franchise shared was that investing in quality signs and graphics is the main way to get them to last for years and years. It revealed:

“The amount of fix-up jobs that come through our doors would make your eyes water. Go directly to a quality signage company and ask what materials they will be using. What guarantees are provided? What are the company's reviews like? Save yourself money in the long run and do some research before you decide where to take your van.”

If you’d like to become a Signs Express franchisee, you can find out more on its client page above.

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