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05/08/2018 16:00 | Business & B2B Services

Signs Express has lent its support to a brand-new trail in Falkirk which celebrates the world’s first working paddle steamer.

Signs Express provided signs and support for the brand new ‘Friends of Charlotte Dundas’ trail, which celebrates the major achievement of the world’s first working paddle steamer. Created in the town of Grangemouth by William Symington in 1802, the Charlotte Dundas successfully demonstrated how steam could be used as a practical solution for powering large ships.

The achievement has been honoured by the new Heritage Trail, which was set up to preserve the memory for generations to come. It’s hoped that it will also raise local knowledge of talented engineer Symington and raise his profile to one of the Scottish greats.

The trail has been made as pleasant as possible for people taking a stroll, with seating and landscaped spaces for everyone to enjoy and information about the paddle steamer along the way. Signs Express, as well as other local companies, provided display panels that will be able to stand up to tough Scottish weather, so that Symington’s life can be read about for years to come.

Other signs along the trail will contain information about local wildlife that live in and around the canal, so that passers-by can learn about and appreciate the sorts of animals and plants they share their local area with.

As the largest sign franchise in the UK and Ireland, Signs Express has over 65 centres and a wealth of expertise among its franchisees. From simple stand-alone signs to complex systems of signs, the franchise is able to complete any job no matter the size. Thanks to each branch’s access to cutting-edge technology that’s operated by highly skilled and experience staff, no job is too demanding for the company.

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