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Shredquarters was featured on a local BBC radio station segment, which saw one of its presenters get put through a gruelling workout.

Shredquarters fan Michelle Jordan celebrated her new role as a BBC Radio Berkshire DJ by heading down to the gym franchise for a workout live on air. The popular presenter had been a member at The Shredquarters in Reading for a while and once she bagged her dream role at the BBC, she knew she had to pay her favourite workout spot a visit for one of her shows segments.

Jordan broadcasted live from The Shredquarters in Reading during her first show on BBC Radio Berkshire, which saw her put through her paces by co-founders Hannah May Khan and Adam Waters. She tackled The Prowler, a sled-like piece of equipment thats designed to be pushed or pulled across the gym floor for a full-body workout. However, Jordan struggled to move the equipment after Waters jumped on (adding a whopping 80kg to The Prowler).

Jordan also hopped onto the Assault Bike, an evil cross between a cross trainer and spin bike, before managing a few valiant reps on the punchbag. Speaking about the workout, Jordan said:

Shredding is for crazy people! Its frenetic, its high energy. Its absolutely tough as, but there are loads of women my age. Ive never been more confident in my body. Its about getting fit first.

During the segment, Jordan spoke to two of The Shredquarters biggest fans. Member Hannah said:

Shred is a really fun way to exercise with classes starting from 6am, so theres great flexibility.

Member John explained why he loves the gym so much.

I couldnt find the flexibility I wanted in my workouts. I came across Shred nine months ago, its got the flexibility to let me do whatever I want to do. The programmes change and its got my cardio fitness up so much.

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