Shoryu franchise makes its way across the globe

Shoryu Ramen franchise
Shoryu Ramen It’s in our bones

Shoryu is a UK-leading fast-casual ramen bar specialising in high quality, authentic Hakata tonkotsu ramen.

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The authentic and high-quality Japanese food franchise is set to expand and open up more branches not only in the UK but across the rest of Europe too.

The restaurant franchise set up by Japan Centre Group in 2012 has plans to grow as Japanese-native-turned-Londoner CEO, Tak Tokumine, has great ambitions for the franchise to occupy more than its current 12 locations in London, Manchester, Oxford and Fukuoka, Japan. The franchise is even backed by Toridoll Holdings Corporation and Rosinter Restaurants, speaking volumes for its reputation.

The leading UK chain is highly-acclaimed, with recommendations from critics at The Times, Timeout, The Guardian and even the highly-esteemed The Michelin Guide.

Consulting Director of Seeds Consulting, Matteo Frigeri, praises the chain’s success, saying it’s “loved by customers and landlords alike: its performance so far has consistently outpaced the rest of the industry”.

Shoryu Ramen is fast becoming a food franchise favourite and certainly worth the investment, with franchisees looking at an average of £30,000 when it comes to weekly turnover.

Not only is the nation becoming a fanatic of the healthy Japanese food trend, but the rest of Europe is too, so Shoryu’s Hakata tonkotsu ramen noodles have nabbed the perfect spot in the market.

Frigeri adds, “Ramen is becoming increasingly on trend also outside of the UK: Shoryu can quickly become the number one ramen concept in Europe.”

The brand’s franchise success can be put down to its constant menu innovation and the outstanding PR and marketing training the chain provides for its franchisees, which no doubt has contributed to its ability to expand.

It’s safe to say you should keep an eye out for Shoryu restaurants, whether it’s in your city or on your travels, as the franchise continues grows to become an even more piping-hot success.

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