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Lady’s Leg Dancers, an all-female dance group, has donated $2,000 from a charity event to the Seniors Helping Seniors programme.

The Seniors Helping Seniors programme has been given a charitable donation of $2,000 following Lilith, a talent show event in Kimberley, British Columbia.

The annual event is held by Lady’s Leg Dancers and includes performances from local dancers and people with other talents. All proceeds from the event are donated back into the community, and this year it awarded $2,000 of the $8,730 to Seniors Helping Seniors.

Other organisations that received donations included its own annual scholarship, the Helping Hands Food Bank and the Kimberley Aquatic Centre.

Run by volunteers, Lilith is centred on celebrating local women’s talent with performances from girls and women of all ages. The aim is to raise money for women in need in the local area, and Seniors Helping Seniors is one of the organisations that perfectly fits the bill.

This money will help the franchise to continue supporting seniors with the care they need to get the most of out of life.

Seniors Helping Seniors is a one-of-a-kind franchise. It is an elderly care business that focuses on wellbeing and preventative care, rather than offering medical assistance or personal care. Founded on principles of doing well by doing good, the franchise has a team of carers who want to get something out of helping others in the community. Carers are usually close in age to their customers, helping them build a strong friendship, offering genuine companionship. Not only does the organisation help the elderly to enjoy support from fellow seniors, but it solves the problem of unemployment in the older community.

The franchise is ever growing and always looking for new businesses that can offer the care and support it feels is dramatically changing the outlook for the elderly. Franchisees are offered 24/7 support to help their local communities and thrive as a business.

Seniors Helping Seniors already has over 300 franchises around the world and has a strong 20-year record in the care industry.

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