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Riverford Organic Farmers has been sharing recipes for those who want to incorporate more plant-based meals into their diet.

Two mums in York have been discussing the difficulties of raising their families as vegans and says that, although massive advances have been made in products that cater to vegans, theres still a long way to go.

In an article for the York Press, which also contained a delicious vegan recipe from local Riverford franchisee Eleanor Fletcher, Angela Taylor and Lauren Iveson discussed their experience of growing up as vegetarians and vegans and explained why the plant-based diet is right for their families.

Taylor said that she thinks its [never been] easier to be a vegan and explained that theres much more choice around now for people looking to try out plant-based eating.

"You can go to vegan restaurants and even buy vegan ready meals, there is a lot more awareness and choice.

She also dispelled many of the myths around veganism, explaining that since she went vegan five years ago shes had no trouble meeting all of her nutritional needs with dairy-free milks, pulses, beans, nuts, seeds and of course plenty of vegetables like those grown by Riverford Organic Farmers. She explained that vegan food isnt as boring as people might think.

"[People] imagine we eat bird seed and cakes that taste like grass. But food can taste delicious. I make a brownie birthday cake which is just amazing."

Iveson added that there are lots of ways to begin the switch to eating fewer animal products.

"Do a simple switch such as making a spag bol using lentils or soya mince."

At the end of the article Eleanor Fletcher, who runs her local Riverford organic food franchise, shared a recipe for a delicious aromatic beetroot curry that can be made using one of its produce boxes. The mouth-watering and nutritious meal is just one example of how people can begin to incorporate plant-based meals into their diet.

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