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Right at Home provides premium quality homecare. Were proudly the most highly recommended national care agency in the UK on the leading independent review website, homecare.co.uk.Our franchisees make this possible by running fantastic businesses that provide the support people need to feel comfortable, healthy and happy while living independently in their own homes.

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Right At Home franchisee Dave McKendry has been discussing how we can make society more accommodating for older people.

Many people like to talk about the issues that come with a rising elderly population and voice the problems this can bring. Right At Home franchisee Dave McKendry, though, has been discussing what we can all do to make the world more comfortable for our elderly citizens.

McKendry, who runs the Grand Junction, Colorado location of the home care franchise with his wife Meshelle, explained how purchasing the franchise changed their lives. The pair were searching for a franchise opportunity that would be resistant to a future recession but that also provided worthy services to the people in their local community. McKendry said:

We knew we wanted something that was very community based. Right At Home constituted a good fit as wed found a company we felt was extraordinary. Customer service is a priority whether thats promptly returning telephone calls or keeping the client at the centre of our care.

After making the leap from painter-decorator to senior care franchisees, the McKendry family threw themselves into making huge changes in their community.

They hosted a workshop for those in the area to try to dispel myths and misconceptions about the impact rising numbers of elderly people have on the general population. The pair also called for more old-age-friendly policies in the local community. These include things such as introducing slower checkout lanes in grocery stores, holding workshops to teach older people how to get to grips with smartphones and encouraging them to bring their unique skills to the workforce once again.

Providing care services to disabled, elderly and convalescing individuals all across the world, Right At Home is one of the largest care franchises on the planet.

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