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Radfield Home Care’s award-winning franchise concept is underpinned by plenty of support and training, as franchisor Dr Hannah MacKechnie explains.

It’s been a great year for Radfield Home Care, as it was crowned the BFA-HSBC Emerging Franchisor of the Year 2019 and has welcomed a number of new franchisees over the past 10 months. And one of the key things that the home care franchise was commended for during the award’s judging was the amount of support and training each of its franchisees get through their journey. Dr Hannah MacKechnie, Radfield’s co-founder and franchisor, explained:

“Providing support to our franchise partners that exceeds expectations was always at the top of our agenda, as we knew this was critical to the success of franchise partners. To achieve this, we invested heavily in Radfield’s support team early on, ensuring franchise partners have a large, specialist and experienced support team to turn to from day one.”

Radfield currently has a ratio of just over 2:1 support staff to franchise partners. The franchising team members have more than 150 years of combined care experience, which its franchisees can turn to for support when launching, growing and developing their business. MacKechnie continued:

“As we grow as a network, the franchise support team is also set to grow in order to maintain a leading ratio of support staff to franchise partners. Our recognition as Emerging Franchisor of the Year by the British Franchise Association and HSBC was heavily hinged on our focus for leading support systems, and it inevitably made us stand out from the crowd.”

Jackie Gillen, franchisee in the Wakefield and Dewsbury area, said that the franchise’s support has allowed her to achieve goals seven months ahead of her initial projections.

"The marketing manager and franchise support manager are a wealth of information and ideas; they have fully supported me with drawing up my marketing strategy and in making initial contacts with key healthcare professionals in order to develop links and increase awareness of our brand and the fantastic services Radfield provide. The Radfield team are so positive, enthusiastic and supportive and really can't do enough to help and guide franchise partners through this process."

Finally, governance and operations manager Jess Jenkinson explained how Radfield’s operating system is also helping its franchisees get ahead.

“Radfield was one of the earliest adopters of technologies to help manage clients and staff. However, we have refused to stand still and accept these products as the master solution. We identified that new solutions were entering the marketplace that offered much more; they were a 360 solution providing all our requirements in one place, whereas previous incarnations required different technology providers for different aspects of the system. As a result, our franchise partners are confident they are utilising the best systems out there to provide high-quality care, reduce admin time and minimise costs.”

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