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Radfield Home Care has launched an exciting new ‘Discovery Day’ programme that will allow prospective franchisees a look into the business.

It can be difficult to trust that you’ve chosen the right franchise to begin your business journey with when you haven’t seen it in operation. That’s why Radfield Home Care has launched an exciting new programme that will let prospective franchisees have an inside look at the support they’ll receive once they join the franchise.

The home care franchise’s ‘Discovery Days’ were set up to allow people to gain a better understanding of both the private home care sector and what they can expect from Radfield as a franchisor. It’s hoped that by offering a behind-the-scenes look into exactly what the set-up process looks like for a new franchisee, it will inspire confidence in budding entrepreneurs across the country and encourage them to join the business.

Founder and franchisor, Dr Hannah MacKechnie, explained why the franchise has decided to introduce its exciting, new ‘Discovery Days’.

“When we speak with franchise prospects, it is clear that one of the most important things they are looking for in a franchise is the support they receive that will help them launch and grow a successful business. We realised that enabling franchise prospects to meet with the support team would give them the chance to ask any and all of the questions they have about different areas of the business directly; helping them to complete their due diligence and get to know the people that they will be working closely with.”

She added:

“Hosting franchise prospects and the whole support team in one place also allows prospects to focus on areas that are most important to them. Some people want to know more about how we help them recruit and retain staff through our Caring for Carers pledge, some are eager to know more about our leading marketing strategies to attract private clients, and others are most interested in how our healthcare management systems help them exceed regulatory expectations. Our new Discovery Days will give them the chance to discuss all these topics with our support personnel directly.”

Radfield will be holding Discovery Days every month, with the next event taking place on June 25th.

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