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Radfield Home Care has committed to making sure its staff are all well looked after with its new ‘Caring for Carers’ policy.

The care industry is plagued by high staff turnover rates, with many providers citing rates of 30 percent or even higher among their workforce. So, to combat this, home care franchise Radfield Home Care is launching a brand new ‘Caring for Carers’ pledge, which will see it putting even more into keeping its skilled workforce happy at work.

Radfield Home Care already has a much lower staff turnover than the industry’s average, at around 11 percent, but it’s keen to ensure it’s doing all it can to help its franchisees hang on to their best members of staff. The new ‘CARE’ acronym, which stands for Culture, Appreciation, Reward and Empower, will help franchisees empower and look after their excellent carers.

To embody this, acts of kindness as small as a thank you or remembering birthdays is a great way to start. However, the main things that Radfield is pledging to do is to ensure all of its staff are paid a living wage and that training and professional development opportunities are offered to keep people within the network.

Speaking about why the care industry needs to do more to look after its staff, Dr Hannah MacKechnie, franchisor and founder, said:

“The care sector has a terrible history of under-paying, under-appreciating and under-supporting its workforce. Not only does this generate high staff turnover rates and deter new employees entering the sector, it also has a knock-on effect on the quality of care provided to clients. As a result, focusing on looking after our employees, as well as clients, is critical.”

She explained how the new ‘Caring for Carers’ pledge will work.

“The Caring for Carers PledgeTM has been a staple part of Radfield’s recruitment and retention for a number of years, but we have given it a complete overhaul, with the introduction of our new CARETM approach at the centre of this. To roll this out nationally, we are working with our franchise partners individually to develop localised strategies to develop their culture, appreciation, reward and empowerment pledge.”

If you’d like to find out more about Radfield Home Care, click here.

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