Platinum Property Partners’ James Tucker shares his inside story

Platinum Property Partners franchise
Platinum Property Partners

Platinum Property Partners is the world’s first property investment franchise. They assist you in building a portfolio of specialist buy-to-let properties, which can secure you an ongoing substantial income, a solid pension fund and a valuable legacy for your family.

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James Tucker spoke to Platinum Property Partners about his journey so far as a franchisee.

After spending time working in sales and digital marketing respectively, James and brother Harry decided to pursue their lifelong interest in property and their dream of owning a business. Thanks to their family connections, the brothers “fell into” the world of property in 2018, but everything changed when they discovered PPP. 

James and Harry joined the estate agency and property franchise in March 2019, and decided to start with a property in the Burnham area of Berkshire. As the pair are based in London, it seemed like a great place to begin. Speaking about the process, James said Platinum Property Partners (PPP) has been “fantastic”, thanks to an abundance of support and mentoring services in areas such as refurbishment training. 

“We weren’t looking to join a franchise but everything fell into place. We’ve been part of the franchise for just three months now and we’ve already gotten value for money from the pre-mentoring and finding out what type of property works.”

James said that PPP’s guidance helped him overcome his inexperience and find a great property. 

“We weren’t really sure what we were looking for, so it was helpful having someone there to [offer advice] about whether the investment is a good decision. I think we looked at maybe 25 different properties [before joining PPP] and because of our lack of experience, we didn’t really know if they’d work as an investment.”

James also explained that he quickly overcame initial doubts about whether it would be more profitable to go it alone. 

“I was skeptical about the opportunity at first … but I quickly realised what you get for the opportunity far outweighs that. I feel if we did do this alone the mistakes we would’ve made would’ve cost us far in excess of the franchise fee. Don’t see the initial cost as a barrier - look beyond that and see what you’ll get out of it.”

When asked about his five-year goal, James revealed:

“We ideally want to grow [our portfolio] as much as physically possible. We’d like to get around two or three properties up and running by next year. We also really like social media, so we’re looking to build a brand behind us so we can continue to grow with the help of investors. We want to keep the ball rolling and keep growing.”

Watch the full interview with James Tucker below to find out more about his journey

Want to find out more about becoming a Platinum Property Partners franchisee? Head to its client page above. 

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