Platinum Property Partners franchisee tells her HMO story

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Platinum Property Partners

Platinum Property Partners is the worldís first property investment franchise. They assist you in building a portfolio of specialist buy-to-let properties, which can secure you an ongoing substantial income, a solid pension fund and a valuable legacy for your family.

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Platinum Property Partnersí Head of Partnerships Natalie Windsor was excited to get started when she had the chance to become a franchisee.

It all began when Natalieís auntie Sue relocated to the UK from California; she had some spare cash and didnít know where to invest it. Natalie suggested they buy an HMO with Platinum Property Partners (PPP).

I could actually see myself doing what Iíve been telling people to do as Head of Partnerships at Platinum for the past five years.

They signed the franchise agreement at the start of October last year and started the mentoring programme in late November. It wasnít long before theyíd found a suitable house in Poole, and everything progressed nicely until the vendor pulled out of the deal. But PPP makes sure to support their franchisees; the next day they were on the phone asking about the next steps. Natalie said:

That accountability is crucial and for me, as a new franchise partner, itís really nice to see first-hand how well our Partners are looked after.

The buying process of house number two was much smoother. The vendor accepted the pairís offer 48 hours after it was submitted, and they completed just over a month later, on 12th March.

Our solicitors are Abensonís from the Platinum power team and theyíre so used to working with our Franchise Partners and undertaking HMO conveyancing, it really does make a massive difference to the timescales.

Next, Natalie and her aunt hired architects and builders to take a closer look at the house and potential changes.

Then came the second major setback - the start of lockdown, just 11 days after the pair had completed on the property. But they continued working on the house whenever they could, and adapting it for life after lockdown:

Weíve been looking at how we can make our HMO as comfortable and functional as possible for the people who will be living in it, from WiFi options to desks and chairs suitable for long-term use. Those things will also be unique selling points for us as a property business, as other similar properties in the area wonít be up to the same post-COVID standards.

PPP is helping to source furniture, and things are going so well Natalie has secured her first tenant - before the work has even been completed! Despite a few bumps in the road, Natalie is feeling positive about her journey so far and thinking about her next property:

Thereís a checklist for everything, so I really feel in control of what Iím doing. Weíve been hand-held and spoon fed every bit of information we need from the mentors and the experts at Platinumís head office.

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