Platinum Property Partners dispels Brexit myths

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Platinum Property Partners is the worlds first property investment franchise. They assist you in building a portfolio of specialist buy-to-let properties, which can secure you an ongoing substantial income, a solid pension fund and a valuable legacy for your family.

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Platinum Property Partners sets out the facts around the property market amid the uncertainty of Brexit.

Many people are wary about investing in the property market, as Brexit continues to cast uncertainty over many of the UKs key sectors. However, much of their fear is unfounded, according to Steve Bolton, founder of Platinum

Property Partners, who has been offering his expert take on the state of the UKs property and lettings market.

He said that, despite reading blog after blog about how the UK property market will be decimated by a no-deal Brexit, the property market is holding its own.

Bolton revealed that this was particularly the case in the rental market, where average rents increased 1.3% from May 2018 to 2019, and said that robust Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) could be the key for investors looking to guard themselves against potential Brexit slumps.

Bolton explained that HMOs continue to be popular among young renters for a number of reasons.

The flexibility renting provides means for the Millennial generation, in particular, renting is a choice rather than a necessity.

When it comes to shared living in HMOs, this is also an active choice for many of the renters who live in more than 1,000 properties owned by investors in our network. Shared living is cheaper than renting a single tenancy property.

It also results in lasting friendships and lifestyle improvements for the thousands of professional tenants who rent high-end rooms in our networks properties.

Property franchise Platinum Property Partners has released a new e-guide all about HMOs, which explains everything potential property investors need to.

Its available to download for free on the franchises website and will tell you everything you need to know about investing, as well as showing how joining the Platinum Property Partners network can help you start your very own property investment business.

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