Photograph for Little People Frachisee Announces Success

Photography for Little People franchise
Photography for Little People The beauty of life

Photography for Little People is a franchise that specialises in capturing the beautiful candid moments of newborns, infants, toddlers, and the whole family.

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Gareth Coop, franchisee for Photography for Little People, announces record transaction

“When I arrived for my first shoot I thought I was as prepared as I could be, I had brushed up on what poses I was going to do, ran through in my head various conversations I was going to have with the client, confident on the set up, the camera and laptop were charged, the lights checked the day before.

I had all my props and samples, I had arrived early and was waiting in the car, I was nervous but confident, excited to be finally doing it, it was time to go in. As I went in and greeted the clients with a big smile, my mind went blank, nothing quite prepares you for being in front of the client on your own for the first time.

After my initial mind blank and what I think was bumbling it all seemed to run as it should, as I was told it would. Did the shoot, viewed the pictures, helped with decisions and made the sales, it really worked.

I think I was blessed with having a lovely family whose interference was minimal as my first shoot but I left happy, I left them happy. The mum was already very excited about her frames, none of it really felt like work, I really enjoyed it.

Afterwards in the car I felt a little shell shocked that it had all gone so well but also happy, I didn’t do anything special just followed the process, roll on the next one.”

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