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Papa Johnís has launched a new service that will allow diners to enjoy its delicious pizza and sweet treats even if theyíre not in a building.

As summer draws to a close, many of us are likely to be making the most of the warm weather by spending time enjoying the great outdoors. Now, Papa Johnís has introduced something thatís bound to make picnics and beach trips even better Ė outdoor delivery.

Instead of having to put together a picnic, those out enjoying the warm weather can now get a delicious, hot pizza delivered to more than 150 outdoor public locations. They include popular locations like Hyde Park and Regents Park in London, Victoria Park in Manchester and The Meadows in Edinburgh. If the trial scheme proves popular, the pizza franchise has plenty more outdoor locations lined up for delivery in the near future.

All customers need to do is visit the Papa Johnís website or app and use the geotargeting tool to locate the nearest pick up point. Then, they can order as usual and enjoy a tasty Papa Johnís pizza while catching up with friends or relaxing in one of the UKís many green spaces.

UK Marketing Director, Giles Codd, commented on the innovative new delivery service.

ĎWeíre excited to be the first UK delivery service to offer this unique service nationwide, with the weather heating up we want to give people more choice, and what better food to share with friends and family than pizza! ĎWe want to encourage people to take life a little slower and make the most of the longer evenings and warmer weekends, without having to rush home to enjoy their favourite pizza.í

Papa Johnís is encouraging its customers to tweet them with the hashtag #PapaJohnsDeliverySpots if their local park, beach or hangout spot hasnít been included in the new service. It is hoping to roll the service out across the whole of the UK soon.

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