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Ovenclean, part of Franchise Brands plc, is the UK's original oven cleaning specialist with a large network of established franchisees and the only oven cleaning brand currently advertising on TV. With Ovenclean, you can be assured of the highest standard of training and ongoing business support, backed by a team with a long and successful history in franchise development.

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Ovenclean has been sharing its industry secrets on how to achieve a spotless kitchen easily.

Ovenclean makes ovens across the world look brand-new again with its expert oven and kitchen appliance cleaning services. However, the oven cleaning franchise has been showing that its expertise goes beyond just appliance cleaning, as its been sharing its top tips for keeping the whole kitchen looking spotless.

Its first tip is to make sure the kitchen is tidy before you even think about getting your cleaning gloves on. Ovenclean advises putting clutter away first, which includes things like letters, shoes and produce which belong in the cupboard. Once your surfaces are clear, you might need to do less scrubbing than you originally anticipated. The franchise also advises that investing in a kitchen caddy is smart, as all of the products you need will be at hand quickly.

Ovenclean says that, however tempting it may be to leave it all until Sunday, doing small cleans daily will keep your kitchen gleaming with minimum effort. Cleaning up spills when they happen, washing up as you go and get children involved by making the experience fun with music and games are just some of the tips Ovenclean shared for keeping your kitchen clean every day.

It also shared natural cleaning products for those looking to cut down on the chemicals, which included using lemon and rock salt to scrub chopping boards clean and shining up chrome appliances with baking soda.

However, big grimy jobs like giving the oven its annual clean are best left to the professionals, according to Ovenclean. According to the franchise, it can take non-professionals upwards of two hours just to clean the one appliance, while a professional from Ovenclean can have the job done in less than half the time, so it advises using its affordable, thorough services to make cleaning the kitchen less of an awful chore.

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