Ovenclean lists kitchen cleaning must-haves for customers

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The oven cleaning specialist recently shared a blog explaining the seven most important items in the kitchen cleaning arsenal. 

According to Ovenclean’s 25 years of experience - the oven cleaning franchise is the UK’s original oven cleaning specialist - there are seven important tools that customers will need to successfully clean their kitchens thoroughly and deeply. The first of these tools is the microfibre cloth, and in the franchise’s words, “No kitchen can survive without cleaning cloths.” From spills to dirt and dust, “The humble microfibre cloth has so many uses and can transform the look of a kitchen in just one wipe.”

The next must-have is rubber gloves, which will protect your hands from chemical exposures when cleaning. Third, Ovenclean expressed the importance of a good sponge, saying, “As basic as it may be, a good sponge can tackle any grimy, dirty surface as well as cleaning plates, bowls, cutlery and wiping down surfaces.” Then, the multi-purpose cleaner, a staple and need of every clean and tidy kitchen. According to Ovenclean, “[Multi-purpose cleaners] are perfect for when you haven’t got much time and need to clean in a hurry! A product that will just about clean everything in the kitchen, what could be handier?”

Fifth, Ovenclean recommended a spray bottle. Customers can use a spray bottle to create their own mixtures like diluted disinfectant sprays and natural alternatives to chemical cleaners, then applying them in an easy and intuitive way. 

The next recommendation came as a three, but all were focused on creating a sparkling-clean kitchen floor - a broom, a dustpan and a mop. Ovenclean said, “You can have the most sparkling clean kitchen worktops; however, it will still look messy if the floor doesn’t match. Once you have finished cleaning all of the worktops, sweep the floor to gather crumbs, dust and any dirt. Collect it all up using your dustpan and brush and pop it in the bin. Finally, fill your mop bucket up with warm soapy water and scented disinfectant and give the floor a good scrub.”

Finally, the oven cleaning specialist franchise recommended a strong scrubbing brush. Like a sponge, “A scrubbing brush has many purposes; it can be used for sanitary cleaning and also to clean food such as fruit and vegetables.” If you’d like to franchise with this network of kitchen experts that’s always looking to enhance the experience of its customers, you can find out more via the business’s profile page, linked above.

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