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OSCAR Pet Foods has been sharing its top tips for keeping furry friends calm during the season of fireworks.

More than 61 percent of us have said that our pets get stressed in the run-up to Bonfire night, as they display visible signs of distress like shaking and whimpering. So, OSCAR Pet Foods has been sharing its advice on how pet owners can keep their furry friends as calm as possible during this potentially stressful season.

The pet and dog franchise advised all pet owners to exercise their pets before it gets dark to minimise the risk of getting caught outside during a fireworks display, noting that the sun often sets before 5pm this time of year.

Once you do get home, OSCAR says to shut all doors, windows and even cat flaps and to draw the curtains to block out as much noise and light from fireworks as possible. Comforting background noise should be played too, like the TV or radio. Music with strong beats can also be particularly comforting.

Beds should also be put in a nice place where your pet can feel comfortable and safe. OSCAR advises making an easy den from a carboard box filled with soft bedding and a towel over the top to offer your pet a place to hide.

Even though it might be tricky to do when you see your pets getting stressed, the franchise says that owners should stay calm whenever they can to minimise how much stress your pet picks up from you. If this isnt possible, just give your pet as much love as you can (if theyre not hiding away) to reassure them, or distract them with their favourite treats, toys or games.

Finally, OSCAR advises that those with really anxious pets should seek treatment to address the issue. Herbal supplements like Valerian root can really help with relaxing them, or stronger anxiety treatments from the vet.

If youre interested in joining OSCAR Pet Foods and offering quality pet foods to the people of your area, find out more information here.

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