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21/11/2018 08:00 | Pet

OSCAR has been encouraging its customers to take a chance on the thousands of older dogs across the UK who need to find a home.

OSCAR Pet Foods has been talking about the benefits of adopting a senior pet and wants to encourage its customers to consider older dogs when looking for a new pet.

Although many of us dream of having a tiny, fluffy puppy to cuddle, the pet franchise says that older pets may be more suited to many of our homes. It points out that young dogs often come with sleepless nights, tiresome toilet training and chewed shoes and furniture and need lots of time and attention. Older dogs have probably already been trained and will have already developed a distinct personality, so youll know their temperament and if theyre suitable for a home with children or other pets.

OSCAR says that dogs are generally classed as senior from the age of seven but given that many pups live to the age of 15 and beyond, adopting an older dog will still give you plenty of time together. It also says that often the reasons why a dog needs to be rehomed later in its life are not its fault, with allergies, deaths, the owner not being able to look after it due to increased work commitments or a new baby often causing them to lose their homes, rather than their personality.

The pet franchise does point out that older dogs will often have additional needs in regard to their diet. However, with its wide range of expertly formulated pet foods, including its recommended OSCAR Adult Care Complete Pinnacle Plus, the pet nutrition experts behind the company offer the right food for each dogs unique requirements. By feeding your senior dog the right food, OSCAR says that you will minimise the risk of them developing unnecessary health problems.


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