No Letting Go highlights the importance of end of tenancy cleaning

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No Letting Go is a leading supplier to the Lettings Industry, with many national customers. As the largest inventory supplier we help you to build a six-figure income, with our repeat business model.

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In a recent blog post, the property inventory management franchise explained how end of tenancy cleans can set the tone for a positive new tenancy. 

No Letting Go, which was founded by Nick Lyons 11 years ago, has grown from a small local inventory company into a large national franchise with 65 locations. The trusted, award-winning supplier works on a repeat cycle, offering 10 different property-related services, and protecting landlords from damages which occur during tenancies.

In its post focused around the need to complete a thorough end of tenancy clean, the property franchise expressed that doing so will have the following three effects:

  • It will correctly set the standard for how new tenants should treat the property, lowering the risk of disputes occurring down the line.

  • It will ensure that the property is an “attractive prospect for potential new tenants” and will allow the letting agent/landlord/management company to keep up a good reputation for treating tenants well.

  • It will speed up the turnaround time between tenancies, especially if a professional cleaning service is hired.

No Letting Go said, “An end of tenancy clean is a deep clean, completed on a rental property before the next tenant moves in, which is particularly important in the shadow of COVID-19 and with people’s enhanced concern over health.” 

A deep clean includes the removal of dirt, grease, stains, limescale and hair throughout the premises, as well as the thorough cleaning of ovens, white goods, soft furnishings, cupboards and even outdoor spaces.

If you’re interested in franchising with this leading lettings industry supplier, you’ll need to provide a minimum investment amount of £17,950, along with a monthly advertising fee of £200. Find out more about starting a No Letting Go franchise by visiting its profile page.

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