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Dwyer Group, who own Mr Electric, was pitched to by students at University of Winchester’s Business School.

Members of Mr Electric’s parent group, Dwyer Group, were invited to visit the University of Winchester’s Business School and be part of a panel of industry experts that students could pitch projects to.

The final year business students pitched app ideas that ranged from ‘find my musician’, to ‘what’s in your kitchen’ and even an idea for a ‘dog sitting’ programme. The experience proved very useful for the students, as experts who’ve achieved success in the world of business were able to offer constructive criticism and invaluable advice to help them kick start their careers.

Dwyer Group’s industry expert, Joshua Barker, sat on the judging panel and spoke to the students about how important it is to maintain strong values in the business world. He also gave them insight into the potential advantages of franchising and how it might be the right career path for them if they aspired to be their own boss.

“Having worked in franchising for over five years, I had the chance to engage with many of the students and shared my experience gained from working at the Dwyer Group. It was interesting to talk to them about the importance of core values, which creates the backbone to any company in terms of growth, structure and reputation. The Dwyer Group has a commitment to franchising and we are always looking to bring in new blood to the industry.”

He added that he was so excited by the proposals and hoped to see some of the students’ apps in the future and that they may go on to become the “next generation of high-tech franchise entrepreneurs”.

Digital Media Programme Leader, Paul Wilson expressed how pleased the University’s Digital Futures department were to have such an esteemed group represented on the panel.

“We were delighted to have Joshua Barker join us on the judging panel and to have access to this expertise. He not only gave our students a real insight into the business world, but he also encouraged many of them to think outside the box and take risks if they want to succeed.”



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