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Minuteman Press has been showing the impact that its products have on our world even if we don’t always realise it.

Many of us may not appreciate just how big an impact print has on our everyday lives, but printing franchise Minuteman Press is setting out to change that. That’s why it has released a video demonstrating the importance of the products and services it offers.

The animated video depicts a man carrying out everyday activities, from eating breakfast in the kitchen and driving to work, to sitting in an office and eating in a local café. Birthday cards, food packaging, shop signage, certificates and menus all disappear and are replaced by blank spaces. Even ‘to do’ lists are erased.

Without the visual indicators, people are lost, unable to distinguish products and identify businesses. The video implies that business owners can increase their brand awareness, reputation and profitability by developing a consistent brand identity and launching marketing campaigns through print mediums.

It explains that 60 percent of online searches are conducted as a result of print marketing campaigns such as flyers and catalogues. The video also showcases some of the business’ services, with flyers, banners, branded apparel and personalised packaging.

“No matter where we go, print is everywhere,” says Nick Titus, the Vice President of Marketing at Minuteman Press International. “The focus of this video is to raise awareness and remind people that print and marketing is literally all around us. Life without print simply just wouldn’t be the same and, in fact, it would be extremely difficult.”

Minuteman Press is hoping to ignite potential customers’ imagination, encouraging those that view the video to spread the word on social media with the hashtags #MinutemanPress and #LifeWithoutPrint. To watch the video, head to https://youtu.be/_PDbTMzvohg.

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