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Metro Rod has discovered which industries aren’t doing their bit to make sure their workplaces are as eco-friendly as possible.

A survey by Metro Rod has discovered that media, marketing and sales companies are the worst when it comes to keeping their workplaces eco-friendly. The drainage franchise surveyed more than 2,000 companies to find out about their workplace habits, looking at things like recycling, limiting paper use and making sure to switch off things like computers at the end of the day.

Social housing was found to be the most eco-conscious industry, where 70 percent of those surveyed said that their employers made it simple for them to make environmentally friendly choices. HR workplaces also seemed to be making good choices around sustainability, coming in second of the industries surveyed.

Meanwhile, facilities management and travel and tourism languished at the bottom of the table, alongside media workplaces, with just 36 percent of travel workers always making the right choices when it comes to sustainability.

Peter Molloy, Managing Director at Metro Rod, explained why it’s so important to try to translate our sustainable practices from our homes to the workplace.

“From using excessive amounts of paper to putting wet wipes in our drains, it is clear that the eco-friendly practices that have been adopted in our personal lives have not quite been translated to the workplace and this can cause serious problems for our environment.”

He continued:

“In general, we spend over 40 hours per week in the workplace, which is a considerable portion of our time. This means that there is significant potential that our collective activity at work has been impacting the environment more than we ever previously realised. And this is becoming a major part of a much wider problem.”

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