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28/06/2018 08:00 | Cleaning

Service Master shares tips on how to recover after a hurricane, as bad season is predicted for 2018.

Merry Maidsí parent company, Service Master, has been warning customers to stay prepared ahead of what is predicted to be a more severe than usual hurricane season.

On the back of the warning issued by the USAís NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), Service Master has issued its top tips for staying safe before and after a hurricane strikes. This yearís hurricane season is set to be above-average, meaning more hurricanes than usual are being anticipated.

The company behind top franchises including Merry Maids has issued pre-storm tips including making lists of medication and copying important documents such as medical records and passports. The company also advise planning evacuation routes, pre-packing essentials supplies like first aid kits and tinned food and making a list of qualified professionals such as Merry Maids and other Service Master brands that can help clear up after the storm.

Merry Maidsí parent company advise being careful not to drive or even walk in floodwater, as just six inches of moving water can sweep you off your feet and to call your utility company the moment you see fallen power lines. People should turn all power off immediately, to avoid getting shocks from standing water in their home and check that their home is still structurally sound. The company advises getting professional help if youíre even a little bit unsure about this, as water and storm damage can have hidden, dangerous consequences. It also offered other tips, such as taking an inventory with photographs as soon as possible to get insurance claims started quickly. Its final advice was to seek the help of professionals if the storm has badly affected you, including the residential cleaning services of Merry Maid and their other companies including ServiceMaster Restore if the damage is significant.

Service Master have also sponsored the American Red Cross Emergency mobile app, which gives people access to invaluable information including expert advice before, during and after severe weather alerts and maps of the closest shelters.

Merry Maids was established in 1979 in Nebraska and expanded to the UK in 1990. Itís now the largest home cleaning franchise in the world, with over 100 Merry Maids locations in the UK alone and new locations in places including Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

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