Mathnasium students take the crown in robotics competition

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A group of Mathnasiumís brightest students have taken home the crown at an international robotics competition.

Five of Mathnasiumís most promising students beat more than 16 teams of finalists to the crown at the International Zero Robotics Competition. More than 300 teams from across the globe came together to compete in the five-week summer competition for children aged between 11 and 13.

The competition saw the children test their coding and mathematics skills by controlling the SPHERES satellites on the international space station. Their aim was to hook two of them together in the most efficient way to conserve fuel and avoid space debris. Everyone was able to watch the competition live from the MIT Stata Centre as it happened on the ISS, as three of NASAís astronauts commented on each teamís efforts.

The winning team was made up of Mathnasium students Arul Rhik Mazumdar, Kyle Klamka, Surabhi Sinha, Abhisar Anand and Shreyan Ronit Mazumder. The skills that they learned during their time at the tutoring franchise helped them beat the other skilled students to take the title.

Speaking about how his time at Mathnasium helped him get to grips with the tricky coding, Kyle said:

ďThe skills I learned at Mathnasium in problem-solving helped me figure out how to make the SPHERE navigate through the debris."

Surabhi added:

"Because I love geometry, the Zero Robotics competition was a great opportunity for me to apply coordinate geometry to imagine and solve a real-life problem."

Mathnasium has more than 1,000 learning centres across the globe and specialises in helping children become more confident with maths. In after school and summer schools, learners are guided through a curriculum that covers critical thinking and problem solving, alongside maths skills ranging from basic to advanced for gifted learners.

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