Mathnasium emphasises the importance of children developing a strong mathematical foundation

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In a recent blog post, the tutoring franchise revealed exactly why building a strong foundation is crucial for kids when it comes to establishing solid maths skills. 

Mathnasium specialises in the delivery of high-quality maths tuition to kids across the UK, and according to the tutoring franchise, its proven method, named The Mathnasium Method, lays the crucial groundwork for mathematical concepts that will later be encountered in schools. Building a strong foundation for children’s maths skills begins, according to Mathnasium, with number sense.

Number sense consists of three basics, all of which are covered by Mathnasium sessions: Counting, wholes and parts, and proportional thinking. Kids then need to understand quantity and denomination, grasp the law of sameness and develop numerical-computational fluency. Before moving on, Mathnasium tutors ensure that these rock-solid foundations are developed and that all of these bases are covered, setting pupils up for future maths success.

According to Mathnasium, “[One of our strengths] is that we are able to assess where a child is in their maths development – at any age – and fill in the gaps. When we give assessments to children in our maths learning centres, we see that a high proportion of their knowledge gaps stem from a lack of number sense.”

Mathnasium solves this problem with an early focus on the basic principles of number sense, as, “When children start learning maths correctly, and at a young age, they are able to get the basic concepts and build upon them. However, many children have gaps in their maths foundation that prevent them from reaching their potential. Mathnasium can address these gaps in children of any age and keep them from falling behind in the future.” 

To help teach and support kids as they embark on their lifelong mathematical journeys, you can become a Mathnasium franchisee. Find out more via the franchise network’s profile page, which is linked above. 

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