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Mathnasium is a learning centre specialising in math and aims to transform a students attitude and capabilities in Mathematics.

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The education franchise, Mathnasium, will be teaching kids at a new Long Island location.

Across the pond in New York State, a pair of Mathnasium franchisees have invested in a second learning centre. Alan Flyer and Suneet Jain - the co-owners of a Mathnasium centre based a few blocks west of Port Washington in Roslyn - are excited about bringing their service to an even bigger audience.

Mathnasium is an education franchise that has taught millions of children to add, subtract, multiply and divide. With education centres spread across North America, South America, Europe and Asia, Mathnasium offers a tuition service that supplements schoolwork. The Mathnasium Method, which was invented by founder Larry Martinek, has grown over the last forty years to make sure that all students see the best results.

Every student that comes through the doors of a Mathnasium centre is given an initial assessment. After assessing their score, Mathnasium creates a customised learning plan that focuses on weakness and helps kids to build confidence in maths. After all, the franchise prides itself on making maths make sense.

The arrival of this new Mathnasium centre in Roslyn means that students from Long Island now have two dozen different Mathnasium branches to choose from. Its safe to say that kids from this little corner of New York State now know their Pythagorus from their algebra.

Co-owner Alan is delighted that Mathnasium will now be connected to new people in the local area: We've been serving the Port Washington community from our Roslyn location for over eight years, and Port has a centre of its own.

Meanwhile, Suneet believes that Mathnasium can become an important community hub.
I'm looking forward to being a part of the Port Washington it's a great town, with a vibrant community. Mathnasium of Port Washington hopes to be an integral part of that."

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