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Match Options provides care staff to care homes, the NHS, healthcare companies and home care services. With us you can run your own management franchise in your exclusive operating territory.

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A Match Options franchisee has revealed why he thinks the health sector’s recruitment crisis makes now the right time to join the franchise.

You might have seen the recent headlines about the UK’s health sector’s recruitment challenges and how our ageing population is compounding our healthcare crisis. According to Match Options franchisee Marshal Konzvo, this is just one of the reasons why now is a fantastic time to become part of the home care recruitment franchise.

As well helping to address one of the biggest problems faced in the UK, Konzvo revealed that becoming a Match Options franchisee is a fantastic career move. The ambitious franchisee worked in the IT sector for more than 12 years and used the time to save up to allow him to pursue his own business venture. He explained why he chose to move to such a different industry when it was time for him to go it alone.

“It just felt like the right time to get involved in this sector. I had an idea I wanted to move into recruitment, but when I started to do my research into healthcare placements it started to really stand out. There basically has never been more demand for qualified healthcare practitioners, whether that's doctors, nurses and in particular care staff. Organisations simply can’t find enough quality staff, so they need help and this is where we come in.”

Konzvo didn’t take the decision to become a franchisee lightly but was instantly drawn to Match Options for a number of reasons.

“I put in a lot of research before I bought my franchise, and Match Options instantly appealed. It was also at the start of its franchising journey, so I thought I would be able to grow alongside them. Their hunger and desire to make this work stood out a mile, and all the directors have been very accessible and helpful.”

He thanked the franchisor for its constant support and said that things are going “even better than I expected”.

Operations Director for Match Options, Michael Celestine, explained why it’s such a fantastic time for new franchisees to join the business.

“There has never been a better time to consider starting a healthcare recruitment business. There is an acute shortage of qualified health staff across the board in the UK, so organisations need help finding quality staff. The care sector is also one of the fastest growing markets in the UK, and this trend can only continue. There will be an extra five million people over 65 in the next 20 years. This is huge challenge, whether they are being cared for at home or in a hospital or care home environment.”

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