Marugame Udon makes its mark in Dallas

Marugame Udon franchise
Marugame Udon Japanese owned; serving authentic Japanese food to Europe

Marugame Udon is an established Japanese restaurant concept serving freshly-made on site udon noodles, tempura and omusubi rice balls in a self-service casual setting.

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Japanese restaurant franchise Marugame Udon brings its chewy udon noodles to Dallas.

Itís widely considered that udon is the new top noodle and ramen is so last year. The Marugame Udon restaurant concept specialising in the former will soon land in Dallas. Japanese-food lovers will be able to try its fresh, made-to-order udon noodles and tempura from two locations opening in early summer.

If you live in Dallas or will be passing through on holiday you can find them at 5500 Greenville Ave, in the Old Town Shopping Centre and in Carrollton at 3450 E Hebron Pkwy next to Cowboy Chicken.

The arrival of the brand is thanks to Mark H. Brezinski co-founder of Pei Wei, Velvet Taco and Banh Shop whoís working with fellow Pei Wei alum Pete Botonis and investment group Hargett Hunter who are collectively working towards its expansion in the US.

Udon became popularised in Japan in the 2000s and there was soon an influx of quick udon restaurants opening across the country. Now the rest of the world is starting to become udon obsessed.

When you visit a Marugame Udon location expect to see a self-serve cafeteria style service. You can watch as your bowl of udon is prepared fresh in front of your eyes. The staff boils the noodles, adds the broth, toppings and the garnish and then you add any condiments you like yourself. So if youíre garlic obsessed or canít get enough of green onion youíre at the best place.

Mark H. Brezinski commented:

"I was traveling to Hawaii every month, and I'd always eat at Marugame,"

"It's an exciting concept, very fresh, and it's a big hit in California, just off the charts."

Heís hoping on opening three more locations around Dallas and is currently looking for the perfect locations.

"We'll test it out in Dallas and find out what works, but we feel like this is going to be a smash.Ē

Founded in Japan in 2000 there are currently over 1,000 units across the globe. If youíre considering becoming a UK franchisee, click here.

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