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Marla Custom Blinds has created a blind buying guide for customers with conservatory concerns.

If you have a conservatory, you’ll know they can get incredibly hot in the summer if the right precautions aren’t taken. That’s why many homeowners opt to install roof blinds to block out some of the light and keep out extra heat. But choosing the right ones can be tricky, so Marla Custom Blinds has created a helpful buying guide to make sure their customers make the right decision.

The interior decorating franchise suggests consumers first ask themselves: Why do I want blinds? Is it to reduce heat or glare, increase privacy, retain heat in the winter, or another reason? The answer to this question should help them decide which product to go for.

After delving a little deeper into the specifics of the problem the customer starts with, they should ask: How often am I likely to open and close the blinds? This will have an impact on the number of blinds installed and how you’d adjust them once they’re in place.

Another vital question is whether the customer is happy for holes to be made in their conservatory. If not, they can opt for a pleated blind system called Perfect Fit International which is fitted with brackets between the roof frames and glass.

Next, it’s time to work out how many blinds will be needed and how much this is likely to cost. Marla Custom Blinds generally recommends installing one blind for every roof panel, which should cost around £150 each. But, of course, the shape, type, fabric and operation method of the blind will impact the price.

Customers are also encouraged to compare quotes from different companies – but remember to choose the same type of blind with each in order to get the most accurate price comparison. The fabric and number of blinds are the factors that have the biggest influence on the price.

Finally, the franchise gives some rough guidance on blind guarantees, explaining they can vary between one year to a lifetime. While certain warranties include parts and labour, others just take parts into account. As a general rule, guarantee periods are longer if the supplier also manufactures the blinds. But, according to Marla Custom Blinds, customers should look for a full parts and labour warranty of at least five years.

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