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Marla Custom Blinds has issued a helpful guide detailing how customers can eliminate mould from their homes.

According to the interior decorating franchise, as our homes have become more insulated, with fewer ventilation gaps like chimneys, the instances of mould are increasing. Many people don’t realise mould spores are always in the air and simply germinate when they come into contact with damp surfaces.

Marla Custom Blinds is helping its customers keep their homes healthy by giving them all the information they need to eradicate mould. The business explained the unhygienic eyesore is caused by human activity, like breathing, cooking and drying clothes. It’s more likely to occur in buildings with north-facing walls, thin brick walls or trees preventing sun from heating up rooms. A leak could even be the culprit, if it’s creating damp patches.

Homeowners can reduce mould by putting lids on cooking pans, installing a bathroom extractor fan and opening windows for at least an hour after taking a bath or shower. Also, always dry clothes outdoors when possible. Warm air holds more moisture than cold air, so rooms should be kept at a consistent temperature of at least 21°C. Finally, Marla suggests avoiding bottled gas room heaters, as they let off a lot of water vapour.

To sum up, you can keep your home mould-free by making sure it’s well-ventilated, increasing the flow of warm air and eliminating any cold pockets. If you’ve already spotted mould, try using a dehumidifier or large silica-gel cushions to absorb excess moisture in the room.

The franchise added a final few words of advice to its customers. It recommended they keep windows and blinds clean and retract blinds when they are aware of condensation forming. If the problem is significant, consider taking down your blinds until you’ve resolved the issue. To find out more, read Marla Custom Blinds’ handy guide here.

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