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6-foot Subway goes on sale – that’s 2 inches taller than the average man!

For most of us, a 6-inch subway is perfect for when you’re a bit peckish and a footlong sandwich will satisfy if you’re starving. But what if your appetite is so uncontrollable that even a whole foot of sandwich won’t do?

Thanks to Subway, particularly ravenous customers could soon be able to buy 6-foot-long subs, packed with their favourite fillings. The sub, which is 2 inches taller than the average UK man, could be tackled alone, but if you feel like sharing it will feed up to 25 hungry people.

Unfortunately, the sub is currently only being trialled in London, but will soon be rolled out to the rest of the UK if it proves successful. The first version of the enormous sub was made from classic Italian B.M.T and took 3 different sandwich artists over 2.5 hours to make. Customers will be able to order their personalised extra-large subs, which could be perfect for gatherings, lunch meetings or for a few hungry friends to tackle together.
Sacha Clark, Marketing Director for Subway UK and Ireland said that the company was delighted to be launching the Giant Sub, and that the sandwich franchise hopes it will encourage people to share and enjoy their lunch hours again.

“We were dismayed to learn that so many Brits are cutting short their lunch hour and hope that everyone will take this opportunity to book in that long lunch by getting together with friends to enjoy a Giant Sub.”

Subway has over 2,400 outlets in the UK alone and has ambitious plans for expansion as it hopes to pass the 3000 mark by 2020. Its trademark submarine sandwiches are now available in over 44,000 locations worldwide, meaning you can enjoy a Subway virtually anywhere.

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