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Kumon parent continues to foster a love for learning by opening a new centre as a franchisee.

Sara Haghighi has always wanted to manage her own business by the age of 40. This has been a career goal for as long as she can remember, alongside working in management and logistics roles. Having worked for several years in the industry, Sara was able to sharpen her ability to multi-task and began to work short-term teaching jobs in between her day-to-day job.

Education has continually been a priority for Sara, and so after learning about the Kumon Math and Reading Program from friends and family, she decided to enrol her daughter. After a few months, her daughter’s Kumon instructor offered Sara a part-time job as an assistant for the tutoring franchise. It didn’t take Sara long to realise that her ultimate career goal was now within reach. After a year of working at the centre, Sara decided to become a Kumon franchisee and open her own centre.

Now, as the owner and instructor of Kumon of Mclean – Rock Spring in Washington, Sara is continuing her experience of nurturing a love for education.

"In the last year as an assistant, I learned that there is nothing more rewarding for me than observing a student progress in such a short time," said Sara. "I'm proud to call myself a business owner, but even more proud of what I'm doing for my community's youth."

Becoming a Kumon franchisee is an attractive opportunity for many ambitious entrepreneurs. The extensive network of support that a franchisee receives allows them to confidently grow their business and achieve their goals. With an investment capital of $70,000, and start-up cost assistance of up to $36,000, the opportunity is an affordable way to start a business that will offer unprecedented opportunities for growth and success.

Kumon is the perfect business solution for professionals with a four-year college degree. Sara’s experience in management and working in a Kumon centre shaped her into the ideal candidate.

"I hope to impact our students' study habits and self-learning ability in a positive way," said Sara. "Through motivating them and allowing them to become independent learners, it in turn will improve all of our futures as a whole."

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