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19/07/2018 08:00 | Travel & Leisure

Toybox Nursery, which receives regular visits from Jo Jingles, has been named as ‘inspirational’ by Ofsted.

A nursery that receives regular visits from music specialist franchise Jo Jingles has received an ‘outstanding’ rating in its most recent Ofsted inspection. Toybox Nursery in Wakefield was also called ‘inspirational’ by inspectors for its commitment to offering children an extra-special preschool experience.

Regular visits from outside experts, including local Jo Jingles franchisees, who work with children to develop their music, singing and movement using fun activities suitable for pre-school children, have no doubt influenced the decision. With the help of friendly mascot Jo, children are encouraged to join in and develop essential communication, movement and social skills in an exciting group setting.

The nursery was praised for the ‘outstanding progress’ its children make and that parents can’t believe how quickly their children develop during their time at Toybox. Thanks to activities, including those provided by Jo Jingles, and plenty of exciting trips to places including the local fire station, the report also noted that children show “incredible skill and confidence in using letter sounds and concentrate at the highest levels to use physical skills.”

Co-owner and co-founder Katie Khan, who opened the nursery in 2003 with friend Hayley Castro, said:
“We’ve worked hard. We always got good Ofsted reports, but you’re always striving for outstanding. Our hard work and commitment finally paid off. It’s really good, we’re very happy”.

Jo Jingles has been providing over 22 years of fun and educational classes to the UK, Ireland and now Australia. With its Baby Jingles classes suitable for children from just three months old and classes for those up to seven years old, Jo Jingles uses music and activities to encourage children’s development. Its sessions have been proven to help with balance, coordination, improving language and speech and encouraging a love of music from an early age.

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