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Inleaf has completed phase four of a mammoth eight-phase office plant installation for IT infrastructure company Softcat.

The big project is aiming to transform the company’s head office into a mature, professional space suitable for its workforce, who are no longer predominantly in their early 20s. Inleaf also revealed Softcat’s other motivation for the makeover:

“Along with the wellbeing benefits of plants in the workplace, the client wanted to create a fresh, appealing space that the extensive workforce would find inspirational, and feel comfortable in.”

Spread across five floors, the large office in Marlow, Buckinghamshire couldn’t be tackled in one go. To make sure it gave each area the right level of attention and care, the B2B franchise decided to split the project into eight distinct phases. This stage of the plant installation focused on the reception and games areas and aimed to give it a more subdued, yet still stylish and inviting feel. Inleaf explained how it transformed the reception space:

“In reception we brought in a feature Ficus lyrata tree, in a tall square container, to give the area a fresh feel. For colour, we placed a purple, velvet tipped spiky plant with a pebble top-dressing in a small black container on the reception desk, which matched Softcat’s corporate branding. On the reception coffee table, we put a low level trailing plant in a black bowl container.”

In the games area, two large Dracaena plants in statement black containers were installed. They were fitted with a self-watering system for easy maintenance. Black trough planters were also placed at the edge of the room, filled with bright, leafy Aglaonemas.

Previous stages of the installation have included putting up moss walls, pictures of moss in toilets and break-out spaces, bespoke partition planters to break up large spaces and dotting statement plants across the office space to add interest.

Inleaf will now be responsible for maintaining the office’s greenery and will also be working its magic on other Softcat offices. It is also going to handle the company’s Christmas trees and garlands and is currently preparing to meet the ‘bold and stylish’ theme that’s been requested.

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