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Homeclean Making a clean home accessible to all

HOMECLEAN is a domestic cleaning agency who provide experienced, reliable and trustworthy cleaners to households around the world. Established in London in 1985, HOMECLEAN is now an international brand with franchise owners benefiting from a strong residual income.

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Managing Director of Homeclean Scotland West-Mids, Chris Hoey, has revealed how he’s fared since he launched his business in May this year. 

The businessman’s 200-square-mile territory covers the region of Glasgow and the surrounding areas. Before Chris decided to follow a career in business management, he tried all sorts of different jobs, from scaffolding to call centre work. After selling roofs in a self-employed capacity, he was able to climb the ranks into a managerial position, and then decided to launch his own cleaning franchise business. He explained: 

“This experience has helped me to transfer the skills I already had and apply them to my current role… You start to see what you get as a support network, the value, the experience they have and how many people are at the same stage in business trying the same things and sharing hints and tips about what works and doesn't. [It’s] amazing.” 

Chris talked about how his previous assumptions were proven wrong after he met with the franchisor team: 

“My main reservation was the misconception that a franchise didn’t have any flexibility and it was their way or the highway. I was so wrong after speaking with Kevin and the team. 

“Another major reservation was, at the time I was looking into Homeclean, we had just gone into lockdown with the Covid-19 pandemic, so my reservations were: Is this the right time for starting a business? Is it the right climate for starting a business? And is this the right type of business for me? Now my only regret is that I didn't get involved with the guys at Homeclean years ago.”

Thanks to technology, Chris was able to complete his training remotely, with tools like Zoom and screensharing. In fact, the process was simpler than he expected: 

“The CRM we have is one of the easiest to navigate and Kevin and the team are constantly striving to make this easier for you. There is a really brilliant marketing handbook that has every aspect of advertising you would ever have to use. And the Homeclean manual has lots of hints and tips on how to get clients working your way.”

So, what’s next for the Homeclean franchisee? 

“My plans for the future are going to be breaking into the semi-commercial market, cleaning small offices, cafes, and pubs etc. Also contained within the plan is one day venturing into the Edinburgh location and expanding from Homeclean Glasgow to Homeclean Scotland. And over the next 12 months I want to make sure every review is a five-star review for us.”

All in all, Chris is happy with how his business is progressing and would recommend the franchise to other budding investors. 

“Joining Homeclean has been hands down the best experience I have had with any sort of work and it's now falling into place - the future is very exciting.” 

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