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Ableworld has enjoyed record levels of sales for a single week in both its franchised and company-owned stores.

At a time when high street stores are apparently in danger of closing, Ableworld is bucking the trend. It nationwide stores have enjoyed the best week since the company was founded more than 18 years ago. Both the franchised and company-owned stores reported record levels of sales.

Paul Boniface, Ableworld franchise director, also mentioned that the previous week had also been strong, providing foundations for an extremely impressive following week.

Boniface attributes the success to the stores preposition, which gives its customers exactly what they need and want. Acting as one-stop-shop for all mobility needs, it is a reliable source for people who require different levels of support.

As the company enjoys its weekly sales success, it believes that it will continue to thrive through its franchised businesses. Last year, Boniface revealed that approximately half of its stores are independently owned franchises, and that he predicts two thirds will be franchises over the next five years.

Part of the success of Ableworld is down to an increasing marketplace. Roughly 18% of the UK population is aged over 65. This figure is set to increase by 2036, the government predicts that in half of local authorities, 25% or more of the population will be aged 65 and over . This increase is said to be down to healthier lifestyles and better access to healthcare. With more aged people in the UK, there is likely to be an increase in the amount of people with mobility issues. And indeed, this trend is already having an impact in Ableworlds sales.

Ableworld also enjoyed a particularly good November in 2017, with sales up by 16.5% compared to the previous year.

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