Granier Bakery Gifts Croissants And Partners With City Harvest London

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Granier Bakery is a chain of traditional bakeries with a simple model - we offer 59 types of bread from across the UK.

20/12/2017 08:00 | Food

Granier Bakery& Café is celebrating the opening of its Kingston shop by gifting freshly baked croissants to patrons and passer-by’s alike. To make sure everyone gets to sink their teeth into their freshly baked treats, Granier staff members will be covering the town centre afoot distributing QR codes to passer-by’s and all they will need to do is to have it scanned at the Castle Street Shop to collect their free freshly baked treats.

With every five QR scans, Granier will donate an item of food to the charity City Harvest London, an organisation that collects surplus food that is normally discarded by food retailers and gives it to people in need. For Granier Bakery & Café, this is the beginning of a new partnership with City Harvest London as part of UK Charity week and continues in all Granier shops across the capital.

Granier’s international expansion director, David Parera, said: “The food Standards Agency say that we throw away 7.2 million tonnes of food every year in the UK, and we felt that we should do what we can to reduce that. With so many people going hungry every day, we’re delighted that we can give something back to our local community.”

Granier Bakery & Café has been bringing freshly baked artisanal and over 65 speciality breads and pastries to London since it opened its first shop in 2015. Granier Bakery has a 25-year successful franchise business model in Spain and today, it is one of the strongest running bakery product franchises in the UK.


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