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Fireaway has revealed five of the world’s most incredible pizza-themed world records completed by its fellow pizza lovers.

Only the most passionate pizza lovers have their penchant for the dish backed up by an official world record, so Fireaway has decided to celebrate them in its newest blog post.

Nobody else can claim to love a cheesy pizza as much as Johnny di Francesco. He smashed the previous record for ‘most variety of cheeses on a pizza’, which stood at 111, by topping his pie with an incredible 154 different cheeses. Let’s just say, this isn’t a snack for the lactose intolerant.

Next up, Fireaway shared the story of New York resident Scott Wiener. The pizza aficionado claimed the record for the highest number of pizza boxes on display – a whopping 595! In fact, Scott loves pizza so much that he makes his living hosting pizza tours in NYC and has even written a book about the history of pizza box design.

Another record-breaker that the pizza franchise celebrated was Joe Carlucci. Instead of scoffing the tasty treat, Joe from Alabama decided to start throwing pizzas into the air. At an official ‘pizza throwing’ event in 2006, he managed to launch his dough an incredible 21 feet and five inches into the air.

However, Joe, who has been making pizzas since he was 15, wasn’t content with stopping there. He also holds the title for ‘the world’s fastest pizza maker’, after crafting five pizzas in just 31 seconds. His skills have earned him a place on the ‘World Pizza Champions’ team – reportedly the number one pizza team in the US.

Fireaway also shared the record for the ‘largest human image of a pizza’ - 810 people gathered in London, wearing specially chosen colours of headwear, to create the image of a pizza when photographed from above. It concluded by sharing the tale of Paul Fenech, who took one pizza all the way from Madrid to Wellington. That’s an incredible 12,300 miles!

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