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FiltaFry has announced a new partnership with specialist direct bank CRONBANK to offer franchisee funding across Germany.

Lots of us will rely on a bank loan, family help or franchisor funding to make our franchise dreams a reality. However, this can be a time-consuming and laborious process to go through, as we need to provide our details again and again and wait for agonisingly long periods of time just to get approval.

So, the news that FiltaFry has teamed up with CRONBANK in Germany will be welcomed by many prospective franchisees, as its set to make the funding application process so much easier for those who are looking to become part of the network.

The new financial partner looks set to cut down the process of applying for finance from a month or more and make it easier for new franchisees to get their funds and get started on their business journey.

Jos Van Aalst, Managing Director of FiltaFry, explained why the new partnership will make things so much easier for new recruits of the van-based franchise.

"Until now it was the case that every franchiser had to look after his finances at a local bank and, in addition to providing personal information, had to check the system again and again. All that is needed now is the personal information of the franchisee. This speeds up the review process enormously and the decision falls within a much shorter time frame, which is a big advantage for both franchisor and customer.

FiltaFrys unique total fryer management concept should now be able to grow at an even greater rate across Europe and the UK. If youre interested in learning more about the franchise opportunity, click here to find out exactly how you can join the FiltaFry network.

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