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FiltaFry provides an on-site service for the micro-filtration of cooking oil and a vacuum based deep clean of the fryers, a complete fryer management.

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19/09/2018 08:00 | Van Based

FiltaFry is looking to kickstart its European expansion after its German operation became part of the main business.

FiltraFry Europe kicked off the expansion by giving itself a brand-new base. It recently opened a new headquarters in the Netherlands, in the town of Ulft, to try and establish the franchises presence across the continent. Managing Director, Jos van Aalst, explained why the franchise chose the location.

The new headquarters and the new office and storage facilities mean that finally we have a central location where all aspects of the business for Europe converge. This makes our everyday work as well as our processes considerably easier. A major advantage here is the proximity to Germany and Austria, where currently nine franchisees of these unique fryer services are operational on the road. The Netherlands is also attractive as a central location for countries such as France or regions like Scandinavia.

FiltaFry plans to use the new headquarters as a base for sales and administration work initially, as well as using parts of the building as a central storage facility. However, Aalst added that the van-based franchise hopes to use the space to train new partners in the business, allowing it to expand its central team gradually. New appointments have already been made within the company, such as Nico Sutter taking on the role of Finance and Office Manager for FiltaFry Europe.

Since it was established in 1996, FiltaFry has been one of the leading names in the micro-filtration and total fryer management service. By providing its environmentally friendly services to the restaurant industry, FiltaFry extends the life of cooking oil and turns waste oil into eco-friendly bio-diesel, reducing the impact it has from traditional disposal methods.

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