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FiltaFry provides an on-site service for the micro-filtration of cooking oil and a vacuum based deep clean of the fryers, a complete fryer management.

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FiltaFry has welcomed a new franchisee who will offer FiltaFry services in the North London area.

FiltaFry has announced that it its newest UK franchisee is now offering his total fryer management services to customers in and around the capital. Will Purdy is based in the Enfield and Watford area and decided to join the franchise after relocating from his homeland of Canada to be closer to family in the UK. He browsed franchise opportunities online and was immediately attracted to FiltaFrys unique van-based franchise.

I have moved to the UK from Canada to be close to my family, with the plan of creating my own opportunity here, in one way or another. The fact that there is a large need for our service, that it is a repeat service and that we have no competition attracted me to FiltaFry.

Purdy has ambitious plan for his operation and is keen to begin expanding his business as soon as he can. As the franchise offers a completely unique service, which manages the cleaning of fryers and ensures that all waste is repurposed or disposed of in a way thats kind to the environment, each franchisees potential for expansion is only limited by their ambition.

Im not certain when the world domination phase of my business plan will come into effect, but I wont rest until I have two employees and a second van on the road here in my territory around North London.

FiltaFry has full membership of the British Franchise Association and International Franchise Association, showing its a highly regulated, ethical and profitable franchise. It has been providing its unique fryer management services since 1996, giving it more than two decades of experience in the industry and welcomes franchisees from a wide range of career backgrounds.

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