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29/12/2018 08:00 | Van Based

FiltaFry Berlin has a new franchise partner who hopes to steer his branch to fantastic things.

FiltaFry Berlin will be handing over the title of franchisee to a new individual, signalling a new start for the successful branch.

Despite his profitable run as franchise partner of the Berlin branch, Thomas Weisser stepped down from the company due to poor health. However, when Andreas Selent moved to Brandenburg, he discovered the opportunity and knew it was a fantastic chance to be his own boss as part of a well-recognised franchise. So, he purchased the franchise from Weisser and will beginning running it from January 2019.

The van-based franchise has more than 350 franchise partners across the globe and facilitates successful sales of existing franchises to new, determined entrepreneurs whenever the need arises. Selent will ensure that Weissers staff member keeps his job but is also keen to expand his fleet immediately with a second FiltaFry van to maximise the franchises potential. Selent explained why purchasing rather than establishing his own franchise had such great appeal.

It is fantastic that I was able to join a franchise company that already has overcome the initial hurdles, already works well and all that remains is to expand. Because I soon plan to almost completely focus on new customer acquisition and management, the search for a second and potentially third staff member is also in full swing.

Selent will cover the greater Berlin/Potsdam area, providing FiltaFrys environmentally friendly and efficient total fryer management service to restaurants across the city. The innovative franchise ensures that every business is able to prolong the life of its cooking oil as much as possible. Once its ready to be disposed of, FiltaFry has developed a unique method that turns the waste oil into biodiesel, keeping the franchises environmental impact as low as possible.

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