EVA’s launch at Paris Games Week goes down a storm

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EVA surprised Paris Games Week visitors with its incredible virtual reality e-sports arena.

EVA (Esports Virtual Arenas) is a VR franchise pushing the boundaries of technology. It first unveiled its VR e-sports arena to the public at the video games exhibition at the end of October last year. With a total surface area of 1,200sqm (500sqm of which was dedicated to the EVA playground), 500 seats in tiered bleachers, a caster space and three huge LED screens, the lucky attendees had an experience like no other.

Building a stadium capable of hosting VR e-sport, free-roaming competitions and developing a reliable tracking technology in such a vast space took months of hard work. But it certainly paid off! Hundreds of visitors queued up excitedly for their turn. For many, this could have been their first VR experience ever.

The EVA stadium homed a number of activities. Including interesting demo sessions and the exhilarating free-roaming VR e-sport competition: The PGW CUP.

The event was even attended by some big names in the video gaming scene; for instance, DominGo, a popular video game streamer in France, and Skyyart, a professional League of Legends e-sports player. Fans were even able to challenge them in matches.

During the six-day event, more than 3,000 visitors and 20,000 spectators enjoyed the entertainment EVA provided.

Being an exciting newcomer to Paris Games Week, EVA attracted plenty of media attention. Journalists from The Huffington Post, M6, Bein Sportsm CNEWS and more were able to learn about the brand and the unique EVA stadium.

Many of them entered the playground and experienced the entertainment for themselves. Alix Dulac from Gameblog commented:

"I really enjoyed myself, I think it's a very good experience and moreover it's a space dedicated to e-sports."

Another statement was released from CNEWS:

“An impressive set-up, as the authors of the film Tron (1982) could have imagined.”

EVA was thrilled with how enthusiastic the visitors and press were about the experience, so can’t wait to kickstart the next chapter.

Instead of just limiting the EVA stadium to big events like the Paris Games Week, the brand is eager to open permanent rooms in France and across Europe. With ambitious goals, EVA has set its sights on opening 10 locations by the end of this year.

The first EVA location will be launched at Pierrelaye, France in April 2020. The playground will have a surface area of 450m2 with plenty of space for 16 players, as well as eight EVA arcade pods.

To help further its expansion in the UK, EVA is offering franchising opportunities with Point Franchise. To learn more about the opportunity, click here.

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