Eddie Rocketís boss shares humble career beginnings

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Rocket's is a fast-casual, better-burger brand with an urban edge, developed by one of Irelandís leading restaurants groups, RocketRestaurants Limited

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Eddie Rocketís founder and CEO Niall Fortune has been sharing the rocky road he took to reach success with his franchise.

Although it can seem like those destined for greatness have been so from an early age, the career path of many successful business owners often begins in a decidedly unglamorous way. Often, their hunger to begin their careers and start earning money means that they find themselves in roles incredibly far removed from the dizzying heights of their eventual success.

Founder of burger franchise Eddie Rocketís, Niall Fortune, shared the story of how his career began. As a teenager in Dublin, Ireland, the young Fortune found himself eager to start earning money and set about finding a part-time job. His aunt was a nun at the local St Patrickís Infant Hospital and so he found himself a job there. However, the role was nothing like the glamour of 50ís style diner chain Eddie Rocketís that he would go on to found in the early 90s.

Fortune revealed that the role he took on wasnít exactly his dream job.

ďFor three months, I worked in the laundry and washed what seemed like thousands of nappies every day.Ē

However, showing that his skills as a shrewd businessman have been present since his youth, he confessed that he managed to sell the job to one of his friends as soon as he found a better opportunity. Now, as head of Eddie Rocketís, which has received awards for its business model and delicious American-diner style burgers and fries, Fortune is a million miles away from the role of nappy-washer.

With more than 36 restaurants across the UK and Ireland, Eddie Rocketís offers a fast-casual dining option that captures the retro and cosy spirit of 50s American diners.

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