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The sweet, new additions will include Peeps-flavoured doughnuts and drinks.

The legendary coffee chain, Dunkiní Donuts, has a reputation for being pretty wild when it comes to experimenting with new flavours. Back in August 2018, it brought back its Pumpkin and Maple Pecan-flavoured coffees to celebrate the new autumn. Now itís taking things one step further by introducing Peeps-topped doughnuts and Peeps-flavoured coffees to its summer menu in the US.

For the those that donít know, Peeps is an American confectionary brand that sells colourful marshmallows in different shapes. Dunkiní Donuts will be introducing the iconic yellow ĎPeepí ó the bird-like mascot of the marshmallow brand ó onto a special vanilla doughnut, which will also be coated in delicious white icing and magic sprinkles.

The Dunkiní Donuts spring menu is bursting with unique flavours. Alongside the Peeps range, the new menu also includes a new Chocolate Cherry Cold Brew, Iced Tea Lemonade and Frozen Lemonade. Those feeling brave can also try out the Sweet Sriracha Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.

Dunkiní Donuts is a coffee franchise that serves up hot java and glazed doughnuts every day in 33 different countries. Its 11,000 restaurants are spread out, from the US to Singapore, and the franchise wants to carry on growing its global presence.

Across its history as a franchisor, Dunkin' Donuts has bagged an impressive collection of awards. For thirteen years in a row, the brand engagement and customer loyalty research consultancy, Brand Keys, has ranked Dunkiní Donuts as number one for brand loyalty in the out-of-home coffee category.

With its proven track record, franchising with Dunkiní Donuts is an excellent opportunity to develop a successful business with guaranteed returns. If you are an entrepreneur who aspires to open at least twenty restaurants over a long-term investment period, you fit the bill for the ideal Dunkiní Donuts franchisee.

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