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28/04/2018 18:00 | Food

Baskin-Robbins has released a new flavour of ice cream, inspired by Dunkiní Donuts.

As two iconic US brands, it is little surprise that Baskin-Robbins and Dunkiní Donuts love to collaborate. In fact, Baskin-Robbins sits under the Dunkiní group brand, making partnerships particular easy.

The latest creation to have come from a Dunkiní Donuts and Baskin Robbins partnership is a selection of new ice cream flavours. Inspired by doughnuts and coffee, the flavours aim to bring the signature Dunkiní Donuts taste to the rich and creaminess of Baskin-Robbins ice cream.

Customers can expect to enjoy three variations of coffee-flavoured ice cream. Dunkiní Donuts Coffee has a classic coffee taste that instils the signature Dunkiní Donuts flavour. Dunkiní Donuts French Vanilla Coffee blends the coffee ice cream with a swirl of vanilla for a sweeter taste. Even sweeter is the Dunkiní Donuts Coffee Chocolate Chip, which is the signature coffee ice cream dotted with loads of chocolate flavoured chips.

These new flavours have been created by the team of chefs and food scientists at Baskin-Robbins and Dunkiní Test kitchens, with the help of Boardwalk Frozen Treats.

They will be available to buy in 14oz tubs at a number of food retailers across the US. Set to be released in the spring, customers should keep their eyes peeled on their local supermarketís freezer section.

Boardwalk Frozen Treats CEO says of the collaboration, ďBaskin-Robbins has been an ice cream flavour innovator for over 70 years, and Dunkiní Donuts is a US coffee leader. Itís the perfect combination that brings the brandsí premium ice cream and coffee flavours to even more consumers.Ē

This isnít the first time that the two organisations have joined forces. Dunkiní Donuts has produced ice coffee with Baskin-Robbins flavours and created desserts with ice cream sandwiched together by two doughnuts.

Founded in 1945 in California by a brother-in-law duo, Baskin-Robbins started by offering 31 ice cream flavours and now produces more than 1,300. It is the worldís largest chain of ice cream speciality shops and offering a delivery service for more than 600 locations in the US.

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